To add live audio rooms to applications and websites

The appearance of Clubhouse at the beginning of the pandemic has marked a before and after in many other social platforms, which have run fast by creating similar live audio room services and adapting them to their own operating philosophies, as we have seen on Twitter, Facebook or Spotify, to name a few more well-known examples.

Live audio rooms have come to complement other facets related to audio, such as podcasts, which have also benefited from the pandemic as another form of entertainment, despite the fact that it was initially thought that the pandemic was going to hurt them.

With the live audio rooms As a common part of many social platforms, there will be those who are considering adding analogous functions in their applications or websites as part of their offering.

In this regard, since ProductHunt we just learned about the arrival of Angle Audio for Business, a SaaaS platform (social audio as a service) that facilitates the integration of live audio rooms to apps and websites thanks to its SDK.

Integration is as easy as adding a few lines of code to them belonging to companies that opt ​​for this format of social interaction to use with employees, customers, suppliers, followers, etc.

Its creators point out that interested companies will be able to add meeting rooms audio live that they can customize as they wish, also having capabilities such as text chats and screen sharing.

Live audio sessions can also be held for hours and hours, counting on end-to-end encryption, also serving as an additional form of audience loyalty, and even as a possible source of additional income.

Audio Angle It can be tried for free and has tariff plans adapted to the needs of the interested parties.

Its developers are presented in this same way:

We are a group of audio and conversation enthusiasts in the heart of Switzerland, dedicated to creating virtual audio experiences that feel like the authentic in-person conversations that we all value so highly. We believe that the right conversation at the right time changes everything. That is what drives us.

We may eventually see live room audio capabilities emerge from this new SDK in many applications and websites.

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