To duplicate content from one device to another, and more

While there are already tools to duplicate content from one device to another, Anymirror it is an option that aims to go further, since through its application it allows not only to duplicate content from the screen of an Android or iOS device to a computer, but also from other types of devices such as cameras, microphones or other sources that can store or transmit content.

Besides that it also promises that users will be able to make recordings of the duplications, or take high-quality screenshots, where you can also make annotations, adding to the fact that duplications can also convert them into live broadcasts through specialized platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and similar, which will allow to bring the contents to many more people thanks to the Internet.

And if that was not enough, users will be able to duplicate the contents from one device to another, either wirelessly through WiFi connectivity, or by connecting them via cable between the devices in question.

Now, for what situations can Anymirror be used? Although entertainment is one of them, such as generating a transmission to show via video call the Photographs from a recent trip to family and friends who are in another physical destination, the field of education can also take advantage of this tool In their daily activities, or even professionals can show their projects to investors, either in the same physical displacement or in a distributed manner, among many other possibilities.

Of course, users will have a series of capacities depending on the type of pricing they choose, there is a totally free option, which offers content duplication from devices such as Android and iOS, among others, plus a maximum of 20 minutes of daily mirroring, a single source for simultaneous mirroring, plus watermarks, recording and screenshot capabilities.

The payment option, obviously, unlocks all the limitations of the free version, costing 2.72 euros per month. Those interested have all the information on the official website itself.

More information: AnyMirror

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