unions are already asking for other proposals

So far, the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall he was running as a favorite in the last negotiations of the Nissan reindustrialization table, after months being one of the main candidates to occupy a Free Zone once Nissan leaves the factories of Barcelona next month.

But after an extraordinary meeting the unions have sounded the alarm and they ask that other options be considered.

The main reason that the unions do not trust Great Wall Motors (GWM) now and think that the negotiation “could not bear fruit” as they have declared to the Economist is that, with regard to social proposals, the Chinese manufacturer has questioned the entry of personnel by established order and the agreed employment guarantee (one of the agreements between Nissan and the workers in the ERE). But there is more.

More public aid to increase production capacity


The unions representing the workers of the plants that Nissan will leave next December 31st in Barcelona (Zona Franca, Montcada i Reixac and Sant Andreu de la Barca) have demanded the “necessary involvement at the highest political level to mediate with the board of the Chinese manufacturer ”and the reindustrialization commission itself is also evaluating GWM’s approach in order to unblock the current situation.

The problem (which for the moment is not irreversible) comes from an audit that GWM recently carried out on the Free Trade Zone factory in which its doubts arose, because in addition to considering a business resizing For Europe, it seems that she was not very convinced of the current assets of the Barcelona plant and its productive capacity.

And it is that GWM executives believe that it is necessary increase investments to update the current plants and thus be able to ensure that the factory has sufficient capacity to supply all the customers that the company believes it will attract in the Old Continent.

The plan being considered by the Government and the Generalitat already contemplated an injection of approximately 100 million euros to start the production of the Chinese brand vehicles, but these public aid may not be enough for GWM.

The table for the reindustrialization of the Nissan center in Barcelona – made up of administrations, companies and unions – will meet again shortly. In it, the unions will demand “clarification and concretion of the currently priority projects” and the assessment of the other two main alternatives to occupying the Nissan Motor Ibérica factories could be reactivated: the electromobility hub led by the Catalan company QEV Technologies, and Silence.

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