Wombo Dream, to create abstract art using Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial intelligence He has been trying to create art for many years, and on some occasions he has created really interesting things, although the difficult definition of “art” makes these works fall into a different sector.

Many times they have been projects of researchers in universities, rarely does a product reach the market with that objective, but now we do have it, and it is very curious.

Is about Wombo Dream, available for web, iOS and android, an app that uses AI to transform text in computer generated paintings.

The company Wombo AI, of which we have already spoken this year, is responsible for this project. We just have to write a word or a phrase, select a painting style and wait for the result.

Here you have the result by putting «Technology Podcast», in honor of the new podcast that we have on WWWhatsnew in


Although they have not officially commented on it, it seems that they use the VQGAN + CLIP architecture. Either way, the result is extracted at an impressive speed, and the result is fantastic.

We can use it to create images that illustrate articles, or to share with our followers the wonders that this app can do by combining different colors, lines, shapes and styles.

The app is free, and allows you to have a profile from where we will publish our content under a unique username.

You can try it in or download the corresponding mobile app.

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