Free web seminar: Catena-X – and what’s behind it

Some of the most important industry giants in the vehicle and IT industry have come together to form a Europe-wide partner network: Catena-X. The network should enable a secure and cross-company data exchange in the automotive value chain. The partners include Mercedes-Benz and T-Systems.

Catena-X sees itself as an expandable ecosystem in which automobile manufacturers and suppliers, dealer associations and equipment suppliers can participate. The aim is to create a uniform standard for data and information flows throughout the entire automotive value chain.

With standardized information and data availability, companies want to increase the competitiveness of the automotive industry, improve efficiency in industry-specific cooperation and accelerate company processes.

T-Systems organizes together with Automobile week a web seminar to bring the topic closer to a larger target group. The title: “Catena X – Enabling Digital Economy”. The speakers include Inga von Bibra, CIO R&D of Mercedes-Benz and board member of Catena-X, Andreas Greis, Senior Vice President Digital Solutions of T-Systems, and Jürgen Padberg, Managing Director of Detecon Consulting.


December 6, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.



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