On Cdiscount, here are the 5 (secret) offers for Black Friday

For this unique day of Black Friday, Cdiscount shows us all the colors with unprecedented and attractive reductions. We have prepared a small selection for you with its best offers.

Every year, Black Friday gets more and more generous. The Cdiscount merchant generously participates in this operation which is its biggest day of the year. It therefore puts the small dishes in the big ones with crazy discounts on a large part of its catalog. Below we have made a list with the best deals in high-tech. All the other themes are also available on the site.

By purchasing on the Cdiscount site, you always have a withdrawal period of at least 14 days. This still allows you to return your jacket if you bought a bit too quickly on Black Friday. Remember that all the offers are flash sales and that they disappear once the stock is no longer available. Also, be careful because some products have delivery dates that go beyond the Christmas holidays.

1) AirPods 2 at 109 euros only

This is the lowest price ever seen on Cdiscount. The AirPods 2 see their price plummet as low as 109 euros (instead of 179 euros) in what is one of the best deals put forward by the shopping platform. If you want to put the great Apple headphones under the tree and cheaply this year, this is the best price available.

As a reminder, these AirPods 2 are not without active noise reduction (unlike AirPods Pro) but they are much more comfortable. They are not in-ear and you won’t have the silicone tips to push into your ears. For those who want to use headphones to make calls, this is the best solution. They have an autonomy that exceeds 20 hours and they can be connected in a few seconds to all devices via Bluetooth.

I am enjoying the AirPods 2

2) La Nintendo Switch au Black Friday

While the PS5 and Xbox Series X are almost impossible to find on the net (except if you fall at the right time), the Nintendo Switch will be the bestseller in its category this year. The portable console does not come as a rival to the other two: it is rather a complement. For those who want to play in public transport, this is the perfect solution.

This year like last year, the Switch is the best-selling game console in the world, it has exceeded 80 million units. For those who want to treat themselves to Christmas, this is a great idea. Here, for example, we find a pack that includes the Nintendo Switch, the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game, the codes for the Rayman Legends game as well as 3 months at the NSO for 289 euros (instead of 369). By default, the console is priced at 269 euros. You will quickly understand that this case is a real nugget.

See the Switch pack

3) Dyson V7 and V8 vacuum cleaners

Apart from Cdiscount, no one can make a reduction on Dyson stick vacuum cleaners. The cyber-merchant is offering us a festival for this Black Friday with two premium references at unprecedented prices. The first concerns the V7 Motorhead which is the oldest generation still available on the market. It is nonetheless very efficient and its value for money becomes extra. It is 219 euros instead of 279 euros, the lowest price ever for a vacuum cleaner of the brand.

Dyson V8 vacuum
© Dyson

Second product available, it is the Dyson V8 Motorhead. The latter belongs to the next generation and is one of the best sellers. It is still very well priced since the merchant displays it at 279 euros instead of 349 euros. We would tend to recommend this one instead because it is more robust, powerful (around 30%) and it has 30% more autonomy than the V7. From a value for money point of view, it is excellent on Cdiscount.

See the Dyson V8

4) iPhone 12 Pro Max on Cdiscount

This year, Apple has formalized its new generation of iPhone 13. However, the differences with the generation before (2020) are minor and the price difference is not necessarily justified. To make the price difference even more striking, Cdiscount has decided to sell off the iPhone 12 Pro Max for Black Friday. We are really surprised at the quality of this offer, especially since Apple does not like to make discounts.

In detail, you can get the 128 GB version of this iPhone 12 Pro Max for 999 euros instead of 1,259 euros. It’s 260 euros reduction or 25% on these excellent Apple-stamped smartphones. At less than 1000 euros, it becomes an obvious purchase. There is no point in going on the new iPhone 13 Pro Max which will cost you significantly more.

To see Black Friday on these iPhones, it’s here:

View iPhone 12 Pro Max

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