The Mercedes EQXX promises a range of 1,000 km

The concept can be presented at CES, the market version is still in question.


There are more and more purely electric Mercedes-Benz models, as Daimler AG is also taking the switch to electric cars more and more seriously. There it is, for example EQS luxury sedan or that EQB SUV, and on January 3, 2022, the brand pulls the veil off a highly effective EV blessed with an ultra-long range.


A Vision EQXX will be a forward-looking prototype optimized for less than 10 kWh consumption per 100 km – the same value for a single-engine Model 3 14 kWh for RWD and is also efficient Lucid Air Grand Touring 16 kWh. Markus Schäfer Mercedes COO said: amazing what has happened in the automotive industry over the last 130 years, but in the age of electromobility, things have accelerated and the time has come to develop an extremely long-range, compact EV with a range of 1000 km and less than 10 kWh per 100 km, highway at speed.


So the EQXX is built around efficiency and its streamlined design isn’t covered by Mercedes, although the full form hasn’t been shed yet, it will be pulled off on January 3rd. This coincides with the CES exhibition in Las Vegas, where a number of electric car brands are appearing, so there is a chance of announcement there, or at least a presence.


Schäfer emphasizes the economical operation of Mercedes’ electric motors, of course the above range will not be achieved by a large sedan or SUV. The size and weight of the battery pack is also key, and the operations director promises to use cells with a 20% higher energy density compared to the EQS. We’re adding that Mercedes is also trying solid batteries, so who knows, it might even get into the concept. However, it will only be reported in January whether and when the prototype will be available for purchase.

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