Truecaller will enable call recording for free for everyone

Truecaller is being updated with a number of new features. So if you use this app as a caller ID on your Android device, you will soon have new features.

Not only will you get access to one of the most coveted premium features for free, but new features are also added to wow your contacts.

One of the improvements that you will notice in the new version of Truecaller is that it now has two new sections so that the user can easily differentiate between messages and calls. But there are many new features.

For example, a “video caller ID” that allows you to set a short video as a selfie that plays automatically when you call your contact. A video that can be created from templates. A fun way to show your contact that you are calling them.

And on the other hand, one of the most popular features that users tend to look for will be available for free to all Truecaller users. Yes, call recording. Of course, this function will be available as long as it is compatible with the laws of the country.

This option will not be seen by default during a call, but it will be necessary for the user to activate it and give a series of permissions for its use. Once you do those steps, call recording will be enabled.

And to listen to them, it will only be necessary to go to the call history and click on the “play” icon that you will find in the recorded calls. And of course, there are also a series of functions designed for users with premium accounts, such as ghost calls and call announcement.

All these features will be rolled out for Android users in India first, and will roll out to other countries in the coming weeks.

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