Vulcano island partially evacuated due to disturbing volcanic activity

The Italian island of Vulcano has recently been the scene of volcanic activity which requires great vigilance and nocturnal evacuations.

The Italian island of Vulcano, which lies in the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands near Sicily, recently had to be partially evacuated since Monday. Residents had to leave the area in the middle of the night due to potentially disturbing volcanic activity.

It is a volcanic island, that is to say that it emerged from the consequences of a major eruption. This geological monster has since dozed off, allowing residents to settle on these fertile shores. They were able to spend quiet days there for decades, with the last eruption ending in 1890.

But for some time this volcano has shown some disturbing signs of activity. The Italian National Institute of Geology and Volcanology has thus identified several unusual phenomena. In particular, they spotted subsidence, significant seismic activity, and an “abnormally high” level of carbon dioxide near the crater.

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Night evacuations

It is not necessarily a question of panicking; these phenomena are part of the normal life cycle of a volcano, and it does not necessarily mean that the volcano will erupt very soon. But these are potential warning signs nonetheless, and it would be unwise to ignore them. This therefore imposes a vigilance at all times To the population; it must be ready to evacuate at all times in the event the situation worsens.

If they are warned in time, the residents concerned will have plenty of time to make arrangements in the event of an alert; at present, therefore, life continues normally during the day. But it is by definition more complicated at night.Unconsciousness of sleep would not allow residents to detect risks in time”, Mayor Marco Giorgianni told Reuters. As a precautionary principle, the authorities therefore asked the population to leave the area concerned for a few nights.

Aware of the risks, the inhabitants accept these measures with philosophy. They hope, however, that the situation will not last too long. Because these daily trips can be very heavy to carry for older people, or in fragile health. But it is certainly a derisory compared to that of a human life.

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