What does the platform have in store for the month of December?

Under the tree, Prime Video has a number of series in stock, including the final season of The Expanse and an unreleased documentary on Britney Spears.

It’s almost Christmas on Amazon Prime Video. The platform puts the small dishes in the big to celebrate the end of the year, by unveiling new serial and film productions. Between Aaron Sorkin’s new series and another documentary dedicated to Britney Spears, there will be something for everyone. Here is the program for the month of December.


  • Where is Charlie ? (season 2) – December 1
  • Harlem (season 1) – December 3
  • Bayern Munich: Beyond the legend (season 1) – December 8
  • The Ferragnez (season 1) – December 9
  • Tampa Baes (season 1) – December 10
  • The Expanse (season 6) – December 10

The epic of The Expanse is coming to an end soon. The sci-fi series returns for a sixth and final season, which already promises to be a huge success. It will be for the writers to conclude the various narrative arcs of the first five seasons, with a final that one imagines dantesque. We are not ready …

  • The Grand Tour (season 4 – Part 2) – December 17

Films, shows and documentaries

  • Paddington – 1st December
  • The Valseuses -1st December
  • Prepare your handkerchiefs – 1st December
  • Controlling Britney Spears – December 2
  • Haters – December 3

Internet humor star, Thomas the Lama slips during a video. He becomes the target of all the haters and his life crumbles. To win back his girlfriend and his audience, he decides to go and meet 10 of his biggest detractors. Each encounter promises to be epic!

  • Widows – December 3
  • Monsieur – December 3
  • Fatman – December 6
  • Encounter – December 10

Two young brothers run away with their father, a decorated Marine who tries to protect them from an inhuman threat. As the journey takes them in increasingly dangerous and unexpected directions, the boys will have to face truths that will mark them forever.

  • Copshop – December 13
  • Gaspard Proust tapine – December 15
  • Gaspard Proust: last show – December 15
  • The man who invented Christmas – December 20

This is the perfect season to slip under a plaid and enjoy a good Christmas movie. Among the productions of the genre, some will undoubtedly choose L‘strange Christmas from Monsieur Scrooge. But before it became a successful film and novel, it was above all a way for Charles Dickens to regain success. This biopic will therefore explore this period in the life of the writer, while he draws on his memories and gives life to characters, each stranger than the next.

  • Being the Ricardos – December 21

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz face shocking personal accusations, political defamation and cultural taboos. Aaron Sorkin’s new film takes us to the heart of the professional and romantic relationship of the iconic couple from the American sitcom I Love Lucy.

  • The Protected – December 27
  • Bumblebee – December 29

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