a production Tesla Model S Plaid signs the quarter mile almost as fast as a Rimac Fridge

The American pilot Christine Dodworth has just smashed the current record of acceleration achieved by a production electric car in the well-known test of the quarter mile aboard a Tesla Model S Plaid: the clock has stopped …below 9 seconds! And she is the first woman to do so.

So far the fastest time recorded in the same test was that of Nichole Elff, who with the same car managed to do a time of 9.081 seconds at more than 249 km / h. Far away Jay Leno’s feat, which also achieved a time of 9.247 seconds in this sprint with the Model S Plaid.

Almost as fast as a Rimac Fridge

Acceleration races (or “drag races”) are almost as old as the cars themselves, but on the other side of the pond they take on a particular relevance and today they still generate a lot of expectation. The historical name of the best known acceleration test is “quarter mile”, a distance that equals approximately 402 meters.

Throughout history, true wheeled missiles have been born (special mention deserve, for example, the “belly tanks”) only for this type of tests, which experienced their great particular boom during the 1940s and 1950s.

Acceleration races were traditionally defined by aspects related to the sensory experience they provide, such as the sound of engines roaring to the limit or the smell of burning rubber from the tires, but in this type of tests with electric cars they have to be sought different emotions.


The record time signed by Christine Dodworth

The silence of an electric vehicle on the track is hard to beat, but the Model S Plaid makes up for it with its performance. This car declares 1,020 hp, a top speed limited to 250 km / h, a 0-100 km / h in 2.1 seconds (less than 2 “at 0-60 mph) and 628 km of autonomy.

We must point out that the time achieved by Dodworth at the hands of this car is a considerable feat, because although the Model S Plaid was technically dethroned upon the arrival of the almighty Rimac Fridge With 1,914 hp as the “fastest production electric car”, they belong to entirely different worlds.

The Rimac Nevera supercar achieves a spectacular time of 8.6 seconds in the quarter mile according to its manufacturer, although it costs more than 2 million euros compared to the 120,000 that a Plaid S.

The record-breaking unit by Christine Dodworth during Hot Rod Magazine Dragweek on the tracks of the circuit.Maryland International Raceway”In the US had no powertrain or body modificationsBut it had been fitted with racing tires and the passenger seat was stripped to lighten the weight. These modifications are considered legal for its “production car” category.

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