A web application that helps you organize your pending tasks

Sure, you already have your system to organize your activities and pending tasks, but if you want to find another methodology, you can take PomoPlanner into account.

This web application combines the Pomodoro technique with a personalized system to organize pending tasks, assigning them priority and certain periods of time.

A task planner with the Pomodoro technique

PomoPlanner works like a daily planner. About you have to open the application, think about all the pending tasks you have for the day, and then organize them according to their level of importance. You will see that you have different sections to complete with the main, secondary and additional tasks.


And there is a section designed for mini tasks. Those that you have pending, but you can finish them in just over 5 minutes. You will see that once you write a task, the application allows you to specify how many pomodoros you need to complete them.

And no, you will not have to resort to an app that allows you to keep the periods of the Tomato, since the same application has a timer configured. So you just give “Start” and you can start your task while the time is running on the timer.

On the other hand, the application has other additional options, for example, if you have set a goal of doing physical exercise every day, you will see that you will be able to indicate it within the day’s file. You can also use it as a journal to write notes, things that you have learned in the day, things for which you are grateful, etc.

And if you want a simpler system, then you can go directly to the “Todo-List” section to write all the tasks of the day, and as you do them, you cross it off the list.

This web app is free, so you won’t have to hassle with free and premium features. All you need is to create an account to apply the entire system that we have mentioned and check your pending tasks from different devices.

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