Daimler works council chairman on supply bottlenecks: Manufacturers will buy raw materials and components directly from suppliers

According to Daimler’s General Works Council Chairman Michael Brecht, the global shortage of semiconductors is causing profound changes in the automotive industry. “In the future, the vehicle manufacturers themselves will buy raw materials and key components directly from the respective supplier and no longer rely solely on the major suppliers as system suppliers,” said Brecht of the German press agency in Gaggenau in Baden.

The chip crisis is causing delays and production restrictions in the industry worldwide. Daimler CEO Ola Källenius recently said that semiconductors would remain scarce throughout the coming year.

“Where do the chips go?”

“We at the employee representatives are already asking ourselves: The entire automotive industry is building significantly fewer cars than before the pandemic. Where are the chips going?” Said Brecht, who is also the Stuttgart manufacturer’s vice-chairman. Sometimes there are very short-term announcements in production as to whether these components are available or not.

“The colleagues outside no longer understand that,” said Brecht. “We would have endless work, the order books are full. We could work the weekends and hire people.”

Daimler announced in October that production was restricted several times in the period from July to the end of September, mainly due to the lack of chips. In both the auto and truck sectors, many vehicles are almost finished in the dump because individual chips are still missing. (dpa / os)

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