Fressnapf introduces a new GPS tracker for dogs

The company Fressnapf has presented a new PS tracker, which can also be monitored with an app.

So you always know where your four-legged friend is

When you own a dog, you suddenly meet a lot of other dog owners. I know this from myself only too well, because it feels like I know almost every dog ​​in my neighborhood by name. With some dogs I have noticed from time to time that they have small GPS trackers on their collars. This serves as an additional safety option if you have a scared or insecure dog who likes to run away on a leash. The company now also offers such a compact GPS tracker Food bowl an.


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In the video, honestly, a somewhat unrealistic situation, because normally you don’t just let your dog explore the world for miles alone. Nevertheless, such a tracker can be useful if, as already mentioned, the dog is very scared if it is stolen or perhaps runs away in panic after an accident.

The tracker costs just under 40 euros, is only 43 grams and measures 1.6 x 7.8 x 3.7 cm. The integrated SIM card sends the location once a minute or even every 15 seconds in live tracking mode. The tracker uses the cell phone signals from Telekom and Vodafone and shows the dog’s location with an accuracy of up to three meters in the app.

Image: Fressnapf

There are no additional costs for the first two years after purchase. How it will continue after this Zeti is not yet certain. However, one speaks of a fee of a maximum of 9.99 euros per year, which I think is a very fair price. At the moment you can only buy the tracker in the branches, online sales should also start at the beginning of December.

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