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Top Jimmy vacuum cleaner on Black Friday at a significant discount

This year came out the Jimmy’s H8 Pro model, which With a suction force of 25,000 Pa it has something that you really can’t complain about anymore, as you collect any kind of dirt with so much force. This model can also be found in the now fashionable and is especially useful OLED display, which shows the battery charge, the current operating mode, and here you can see if the vacuum cleaner needs maintenance. Thanks to its 70-minute operating time, we can easily clean a larger apartment with it, but we can also easily clean our car with it, as the package includes one flexible tubewhich facilitates this process. You can charge the battery directly, but you can also charge it through the wall mount. THE double cyclone technology effectively separates dust from the air and reduces suction loss.

The horizontally installed cyclone also improves the suction power.

It adapts to the surfaces to be cleaned with its four different operating modes. Eco mode is enough for hard floors, turbo mode for carpet cleaning, max mode is responsible for the most efficient cleaning, and there is an automatic way to set the strength for yourself by recognizing the carpets.

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