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Xiaomi always tries to surprise users, especially with different tricks and settings that they can use on their mobiles.

It goes without saying that MIUI is one of the most complete and capable customization layers in terms of Android devices, and today you will learn about a special function called Read Mode, in addition to some special tricks to get the most out of it.

Speaking fully about this tool, it is a configuration designed to cause the least possible effect of visual fatigue when using the mobile. This is especially applicable to situations where dark environments and during night hours.

This is something that, without a doubt, will benefit those who expose themselves for long periods to the light of the screen, which can be detrimental to visual health in the medium and long term. So then, below you will see the steps to activate the aforementioned function, as well as some tricks that you can configure later.

Steps to activate the Reading mode and extra functions

– Enter the application Setting.
– In the third block of apps, look for the one of Screen.
– Access the second option that says Reading mode.
– Activate the function.

Xiaomi reading function

Now, the extra tools come within the option of Program, located one box below. By activating it, you will be able to access both the Night reading, such as Customize the schedule, leaving specific hours in which you want the function is activated and deactivated.

In addition to these settings, you can also manage a slider bar at the bottom of the window, which adjust the intensity of the filter which is applied when the reading mode is active. Keep in mind that a higher intensity of it will give less mental fatigue when viewing the screen, although this could make the interface less realistic.

Finally, another trick that can make it easier for you to activate the function, goes through add your quick access to the drop-down bar of settings. You can achieve it in less than a minute if you do this:

– Unfold your bar Quick Settings, sliding your finger down.
– Find and click on the box that indicates Edit.

quick settings

– Among the options that are shown to you, locate the function of Reading mode, press and hold its icon and then upload it with all the others.

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