We tried the Nilox Doc Twelve +, the scooter that looks like a bike

Electric micro-mobility is now an established reality also in our country, thanks to increasingly performing e-bikes and advanced electric scooters – so much so that a EICMA 2021 we have seen the new Helbiz One-S, first sharing scooter equipped with a double camera. Chinese and American companies certainly dominate, but there is also an Italian company that can enjoy an important reputation: Nilox. Mostly known for its folding electric bicycles and aggressively priced scooters, Nilox (owned by the Esprinet Group) continues to evolve year after year – and we saw it last October, presenting the new Nilox 2022 range.
However, we are still in 2021 and there are already several valid products that can be purchased online and at electronic chains; among these is the new Nilox Doc Twelve +, evolution of the first Nilox Doc Twelve which had given a strong shake to the market, thanks to a very specific characteristic. Let’s find out everything in our test of Nilox Doc Twelve +.

The Nilox Doc Twelve + with 12 “wheels

We are talking about the consumer scooter with the largest wheels on the market, 12 inches, so much so that we could define it as a miniature bicycle, but without pedals. Is it a feature that is perceived in everyday use?

The answer is “Absolutely yes”, we have to admit that the 12 “are felt at every stage of the march, which is extremely stable and free of major blows. Inner tube tires absorb most of the vibrations from the ground and distribute them along their diameter, for smooth and safe circulation. If with scooters with smaller wheels we can often feel insecure on some passages, with the Nilox Doc Twelve + we found ourselves inside an iron barrel in all our urban routes. On this front it is truly a particular product, capable of returning feelings that are difficult to find in competing products. Also, the “+” in the name indicates a engine level upgrade: the previous 250 W power unit was replaced with a new 350W power unit, which gives a little more panache in 25 km / h mode and climbs slopes with greater agility – an aspect that alone is worth the extra 30 euros required for this version.

We also liked the braking system, disc on the rear wheel, though a regenerative braking system is missing. Not that thanks to this we can recharge who knows how much battery, an important engine brake would have allowed us to reduce the use of brake pads to the bone, but it is not a feature on which Nilox has decided to invest (in fact not the we will not even have on the new M1 scooter).

In terms of autonomy we are around the real 26-28 km, possible thanks to a 10,400 mAh battery, however from this front a series of small details begins that we would have preferred different – and we write about them so that Nilox can eventually correct the shot with the new generations.

The construction of the Nilox Doc Twelve +

On a cheaper model we would probably have turned a blind eye, for a Nilox Doc Twelve +, however, is required € 629.95 in the list and the construction of the electric scooter seemed a little too spartan in some areas.

The handlebar locking / unlocking system works, but does not return a feeling of true solidity. Even the upper handlebar locking system, which must be mounted upon purchase, seemed impractical and unsightly to us, details that we would certainly go to polish with new iterations. Despite this the handlebar itself is wide and comfortable, capable of further increasing the stability already offered by the 12 “wheels. Always looking at the handlebar, the light block / electronic horn really seems cheap and it is connected with cables that we would have hidden, while in our opinion the acceleration and data control system needs to be reviewed. The integrated LCD screen is one with the accelerator lever, however the plastics are not premium and there is a certain insecurity in daily use.

Not even the on-board software shines with its own light, on the contrary: the battery charge indicator is somewhat wobbly and it changes according to the power we are using in real time, a method to be absolutely changed and made more stable – something that Nilox has already done with its new 2022 scooters, which offer a new generation control system embedded in the handlebar .

The scooter also has a lot of visible bolts: it is not only a question of aesthetics but also of safety. Having such direct access to the bolts paves the way for theft and damage, although the hope is that nothing like this will ever happen. On this front too, the new Nilox M1 represents another planet.

Why buy a Nilox Doc Twelve +

If 12 “wheels are fantastic for urban use, it must also be taken into account that tires of this type increase the overall dimensions of the scooter.

We arrive at 127 cm deep, 60 cm wide (although this is good for stability) and 122 cm high; Nilox has in fact chosen a fairly high profile for its Doc Twelve +, which we especially recommend to those taller than 170 cm. However 127cm of depth is by no means small, to make a comparison with an “old glory” like the Segway Ninebot ES2 we had 113cm deep, 43cm wide and 102cm high, for an extremely portable scooter. In our elevator the Twelve + entered to the millimeter, an inch more and we would have had some serious problems. It would also have been difficult to keep it vertically: the closed transport system is another element to be completely revised, since the hook does not fix and remains “dancer”. We are the ones who have to be careful to get the mechanism stuck when we lift the scooter, and it is something really frustrating (we are getting repetitive, but on the new M1 Nilox has also improved this aspect and we can’t wait to test it in the field). Sweet at the bottom, so to speak, we have a general weight of 15.5 kg, which for a scooter with a range of 28 km is certainly not a featherweight.

It is the price to pay for it one of the most stable products on the market, whose 12 “wheels represent an essential strength. If you feel unsafe on the road with scooters with smaller wheels, with the Nilox Doc Twelve + you will certainly have different sensations. You just have to turn a blind eye to all the small defects (di youth, being the Twelve a real bet by Nilox) of which we talked about above.

Defects that in some way even Nilox has implicitly admitted, by engineering a new M1 in a completely different and more focused way, without fear of facing the most noble competition. In the new 2022 product, the front LED is also embedded in the handlebar block, while with the Twelve + we have a small “external” light positioned at the bottom, not the best in terms of design or functionality.

When we talk about the appearance of a product, however, we also touch emotional and subjective chords, and we are sure that many users out there the vintage and miniature bike lines of the Nilox Doc Twelve + will please you a lot. If you find some good offers and you want a scooter that is stable on the road, the Nilox Doc Twelve + could be a good solution for everyday use, also in the package you will also find a safety disc lock and a smartphone holder.

In short, just taken out of the box, after the preliminary operations to mount the handlebar, the Doc Twelve + is immediately ready to go, there is no need to spend an extra euro, neither to buy a telephone holder, nor to add a bell. Also with the convenient hook included carrying a backpack or a shopping bag becomes child’s play, a little one plus which seemed better to us than many other competing solutions. Another sign that the Doc Twelve + can really be an excellent companion for everyday life.

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