Why does Musk waive a billion-dollar subsidy ?: Tesla can probably not meet a condition for funding the battery factory

The US electric car manufacturer Tesla has surprisingly waived possible government funding in the billions for its planned battery factory in Grünheide, as the Federal Ministry of Economics and Tesla announced on Friday. The e-car manufacturer has not yet given any reasons for this, which has led to speculation.

But Tesla can apparently not meet an important requirement for EU funding, as the “Financial Times” now reports. According to EU rules, a funded project must be the “first industrial application” of a new technology. In this case, it must first be used at the subsidized location in Grünheide.

Because of the pending approval for the German Gigafactory, Tesla will probably start its battery production at another location beforehand. Because of the delay in the project, Tesla was forced to refuse funding for the battery factory. (os)

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