6 things businesses can do today with 5G

The implementation of 5G networks by the main internet service providers is in full swing in many countries. As we have commented on many occasions, we are talking about more speed, less latency and more connected devices per square meter, characteristics that can be used in many sectors.

This has raised the question of how companies can take advantage of this technology to optimize their operations and the different tasks that are carried out.

We are going to focus on the United States market, which is where they are the most advanced in this regard. There are more than 300 million people currently covered by service providers throughout the entire region, in the United States alone. It is expected that by the end of this year they will have a reach of 200 million in the middle band, as well as 100 cities and operators working under mmWave technology.

In this sense, during the third quarter of this year a total of 523 smartphone models operating under 5G technology. This means that by 2022 there is a projection of 122 million 5G subscriptions in the North American country.

Taking this into account, the Ericsson company created a document where 6 ways in which companies in the United States can already take advantage of the benefits present in 5G technology are exposed:

1. Enable personal communication based on 5G for everyone: Companies can take advantage of 5G to migrate their entire workforce to smartphones that make use of this technology, so that employees can make the most of the resources used in communication, as well as productivity apps.

2. Ensure remote work connectivity to 5G and fixed wireless hotspots: Businesses can leverage 5G mobile hotspots and fixed wireless technology to assist dispersed workforces, including those employees performing out-of-reach work. of the fiber.

3. Deploy PCs with 5G technology for deskless workers: Taking into account the number of professionals who are frequently on the go, it is expected that by 2024 60% of the total US workforce will be working without a desk.

4. Roll out 5G for wireless branches: Thanks to the implementation of 5G, it is now possible for stores and small and medium-sized businesses to use this technology for primary access, as well as to support digital operations that are carried out.

5. Unleash 5G innovations in leading laboratories: The emergence of 5G laboratories is increasingly evident. Thanks to this, organizations could be able to evaluate 5G applications before implementing them throughout the company, as well as show this type of projects to customers and partners and carry out the creation of 5G applications in collaboration with partners.

6. Introduce 5G into industrial applications: Thanks to the automation provided by 5G technology, the era of Industry 4.0 is possible. In that sense, wireless connectivity has been becoming an important infrastructure within mining operations, logistics centers, assembly lines, among other scenarios within the sector. We can perform remote operations without latency using Augmented Reality, for example, something unthinkable with 4G.

They are only 6 points, but soon we will be able to count them by the dozen.

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