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The piglets are meant to built into the sink, it shreds the remaining, accumulated food residue, and so that it enters the sewer, so that it does not cause clogging and is also prone to unpleasant odors. Their impact on the environment is quite twofold, as it is fundamentally it is good that organic matter is not thrown away. 30% of a household’s municipal waste is organic, which makes no sense for the bin to take away because it breaks down anyway. The greenest solution is composting, but the kitchen pig is also quite green in this regard. On the other side of the balance sheet, however, there are sewage treatment plants that work with living microorganisms, and a lot of organic matter can overload the plant biologically. So, until all households switch to this, there is no problem with it, but for the time being it does not threaten Hungary, because it is built in few places.

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