How to write faster on mobile with Gboard

Gboard, the official keyboard of Google, is indisputably the app most featured and downloaded in its category, surpassing the amount of 1,000 million downloads in the Play Store.

And despite being the default keyboard that the vast majority of people use, many of its best functions are little known by users, like those tricks to write faster. For this reason, today we will be teaching you how to use them and how to write texts faster.

Use voice dictation

If you are reading this article, it is likely that you are not very good at writing. Therefore, if you think that the option of dictating the texts is better for you and let the keyboard write for you, you can activate the function of Voice dictation when you tap on the microphone, who appears in the upper right corner of the keyboard.

In conclusion, if you want to significantly increase the speed with which your words are written, using this function (via WiFi) it is one of the best ways to achieve it.

Slide your finger across the keyboard to type

This is one of the best known tools in Gboard, and if you drag your finger over the letters on the keyboard, you will be able to form words instead of writing them in a traditional way. This is undoubtedly a tool that, for those who know how to handle it, can increase the speed of writing thus allowing the words to flow more.

Translate your sentences automatically with Google Translate

Another of Gboard’s most functional tools is the automatic translator. And is that by activating it, you can start writing in your language and the text will be translated into the language you chose. To achieve this you will have to click on the three horizontal points next to the microphone, then on the option of Translate and ready.

Choose the type of keyboard that suits you best

The keyboard theme can also be an important point, and that is that if you feel that you are not typing at the rate you should, you could just change the look of the keyboard so that it is positioned in the most comfortable way for you.

Accessing the keyboard options menu, you can find the Modes window (it may show differently according to your mobile), where are the different keyboard options. The most common is that they show the floating mode, the mode of separated in two and finally, the one that serves to write with one hand.

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