LG’s 55 “OLED TV returns after a breakage (Cdiscount)

Cdiscount shows us its shock offer from the day before: the 55 “C1 OLED TV sees its price drop below 1,000 euros. For such a reference, it is unexpected.

Yesterday, LG’s OLED 55 C1 TV was one of the best sellers on the Cdiscount site. For its Black Friday, the merchant had hit the nail on the head with an unbeatable price for a TV with OLED technology. Yesterday evening, the model broke down. We had to wait until 11am on Saturday morning to see some units return to stock.

With the current offer, LG OLED 55 C1 TV sees its price drop to 999 euros instead of 1,299 euros. This is the first time that the high-end TV has shown such a low price at Cdiscount. This reduction is worthy of Black Friday: we could not ask for better.

To take advantage of the discount on 4K TV, it’s here:

See the Cdiscount offer

The LG OLED55C1 TV is shipped to your home within a few days by Cdiscount. The merchant undertakes to deliver to you quickly even in the midst of Black Friday. On the other hand, it also leaves you until January 8, 2022 to change your mind if on the TV if you wish. If you haven’t been won over, the site will pick up the TV for you.

Why choose the LG OLED 55C1 TV?

The LG OLED55C1 TV is one of the last televisions of the brand, it was made official during the year 2021. It is the replacement of the excellent LG CX, an already premium model whose fame is more to do. With this new version, the manufacturer repeats a great feat for a very convincing rendering.

In detail, the LG TV measures 55 inches (139 centimeters diagonally), so it is among the large models available on the market. We appreciate its fine and delicate design, but also very discreet with a central aluminum foot. This is precisely what makes the specificity of this C1 generation from the Korean manufacturer.

This TV is compatible 4K et HDR but also with Dolby Atmos technology. Whether you are looking for a model for playing video games (and especially for next-gen consoles) or watching videos in UHD, this is perfect. At the moment, these are truly the most premium TV screens for the general public. The experience is sublime, we had the opportunity to test it here.

Finally, the LG OLED55C1 TV works with WebOS, this allows you to directly access your services from the central interface – whether it is Netflix or Prime Video. There is also compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant, Homekit and Apple AirPlay 2.

Cdiscount had promised that son Black Friday would hold out all weekend and he keeps his promise. Besides this excellent TV, there are thousands of other offers that are still available. We invite you to take a tour directly on the site of the French merchant to discover the best offers, whether in the “image and sound” category or in any other theme available on the platform.

To see the discount for the LG OLED 55C1 TV, it’s here:

See the Cdiscount offer

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