No more respect, Xiaomi explodes the price of its Poco F3 (-40%) 🔥

Xiaomi’s Poco F3 is in the spotlight for Black Friday. AliExpress drastically drops the price of this benchmark mid-range smartphone. There are less than 100 pieces left of each storage capacity.

POCO is a benchmark brand in the smartphone market, it belongs to the Xiaomi group. The latter aims to unveil smartphones at very good value for money on the entry level (which is rather mid-range in reality). This is the case of the Poco F3, one of the most efficient models in its category and at a discount at AliExpress for the end of this Black Friday.

As part of Black Friday, the Poco F3 in 256 GB version sees its price drop to only 258 euros instead of 399 euros with the code BFAE45 – or 35% immediate discount at AliExpress. After being out of stock yesterday, the 128 GB version just returned this Sunday. It is priced at 251 euros (instead of 349) with the code BFAE30. There are less than 100 pieces of each model left.

To see this offer, it’s here:

See the AliExpress offer

Black Friday on AliExpress and elsewhere will end tonight. Online merchants have been unveiling offers since the beginning of the month with a peak reached on the official transaction date – Friday 26. However, the end of this edition is set for tonight, which means you don’t have more than a few hours to choose the Poco F3. Before the end, a break is possible given the limited number of parts available.

In a few hours everything will disappear

The Poco F3 was made official by Xiaomi in March of this year. With a few months of existence on the market, it continues to place itself regularly among the best sellers on various merchant sites. Whether it take advantage of a discount or not, the phone also displays out-of-stock quite often, proof that its success remains relevant to all those who wish to change the phone for a model with a correct budget without forgetting the technical specificities.

The offer in the spotlight on the Poco F3 for Black Friday is aggressive, you can save more than 33% by choosing this smartphone as soon as possible at AliExpress. This opportunity will not stay online for very long, as the operation is known to attract people and lead to disruptions in the hours following the posting of offers.

In addition, it should be remembered that a shortage of semi-builders is underway in the world following the health crisis. Finding smartphones from brands like Xiaomi and its Poco F3 is becoming more and more complex, as manufacturers have difficulty finding stock to assemble their phones. As a result, the copies available on merchant sites are dwindling over time and no solution has been found for the moment.

See the AliExpress offer

By taking the Poco F3 on AliExpress, you get a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is the same as that of the brand on its official website by the brand. If this range is renowned for its solidity over time, it is insurance that pleases. On the other hand, you are entitled to a withdrawal period during Black Friday. For 20 days – with AliExpress, you are free to make a free return of your purchase to be refunded on the product in full. We also remind you that the latter delivers you free of charge and quickly (less than a week) from a warehouse in France.

What are the strengths of the Poco F3?

The Poco F3 is an excellent smartphone for everyday use. It meets the expectations of the public whether it is a question of photography, autonomy or even general power. The big advantage is the presence of these qualities for a very competitive price. It is also very popular with gamers because it offers unparalleled power for the price.

In terms of design, this model has simple and effective finishes for a pleasant rendering. It can boast of its 6.5-inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz, features usually expected on more premium phones.

As for the photo offer of the Poco F3, we find the selfie camera placed directly in a small hole on the panel at the front while the square photo module is centered on the back of the device. This model is very strong with a quadruple photo module with a main sensor of 48 Mpx. Few of the competing devices are able to offer such quality images for such a price on the market.

The Poco F3 is based on a Snapdragon 870 chip signed Qualcomm, this is one of the big advantages of this model, because it allows the phone to work at its best. This high-end processor avoids the risk of latency and allows the user to enjoy their mobile games and applications smoothly. Otherwise, the phone runs on Android 10 with the MIUI overlay developed by Xiaomi.

The autonomy of Xiaomi’s Poco F3 is just as significant. Under the hood, there is a very robust battery of 4,520 mAh. Compatible with 33 W fast charging, it can regain 50% of its battery life in just 30 minutes. Otherwise, you can go about two days without a charge with typical use of the smartphone. Whether it’s the design, the battery, the photo or even the power, this model has all the attributes for perfect everyday use. If you are interested in this phone, jump on this opportunity without delay.

To take advantage of the flash sale on the Poco F3, it’s here:

See the AliExpress offer

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