The worst logos on the Internet, on a single page

Every now and then a company logo goes viral on social media. Poorly distributed curves and lines, images that “resemble something”, colors and shapes that leave designers with their mouths open …

It is not difficult to find this type of content, but now we have it even easier with a website that has been in charge of collecting them.

Is about, and its goal, beyond being a fun place where they show logos that seem from another world, can be very educational.

When creating a logo, you have to think about the scope it will have and the countries where it will be presented. Sometimes something innocent in one country is obscene in another, or by turning the logo 180 degrees we find something that we would not imagine. We all know that brothers-in-law know how to make very good logos, but it is always better to leave that task to true professionals, for those who have been studying for a long time to create a brand that generates the right sentiment among customers.

Among the logos displayed on the web, many of them NSFW, we have from silhouettes with wind to shapes reminiscent of genitalia, through scenes that look like they came out of adult movies.

Its creator, @IRahulBhadoriya on Twitter, comments that he has made them with @airtable and @mkrtchyanartur, and plans to continue creating and collecting more logos of this type.

A good list to remember what cannot be done when designing a logo for a client, thinking that a single opinion is enough.

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