How to have the necessary digital tools for SMEs with the new Teams

A new version of Microsoft Teams has arrived dedicated to small and medium-sized companies. Is named Microsoft Teams Essentials, and it is the alternative focused on SMEs to the Microsoft 365 Business Basic option or the productivity options offered by rival companies.

Building on what the free version of Teams offers, Microsoft Teams Essentials offers the possibility of holding unlimited group meetings with a maximum duration of 30 hours, meetings with a maximum of 300 attendees, as well as ten gigabytes of storage in the cloud to each user, integration with the calendar, and more.

Microsoft’s growing commitment to SMEs

With respect to Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft Teams Essentials lacks meeting recording and transcription functions, real-time translation, whiteboard integration, and even each user receives 10 GB of storage compared to the terabyte of Microsoft 365 Business space BASIC.

It also lacks other group characteristics such as channels, although it continues to maintain private and group chat capabilities, being a superior alternative to what you can find in other companies such as Zoom.

By discounting that it is a more affordable solution, having a cost of 4 dollars per user / month compared to 5 dollars / month for Microsoft 365 Business Basic, although next March it will cost 6 dollars / month per user.

To Jared Spataro, Director of Microsoft 365:

Brings together the features small businesses need to serve customers, including unlimited group video calls of up to 30 hours, group chat, file sharing, and calendar

With the arrival of this new option, Microsoft wants to continue to approach the needs of small and medium-sized companies that have opted for basic levels of rival companies to carry out their communications and meetings, and more so when they have been chosen by SMEs themselves. throughout the pandemic to join the trend of video calls as an alternative to face-to-face meetings impossible due to mobility restrictions.

At a time when SMEs themselves can now spend more time choosing the digital tools they need for their productivity, from Microsoft They propose this new option so that they have everything they need under the same umbrella and at a more competitive price.

Microsoft Teams Essentials can be purchased from Microsoft itself or through its regular business partners.

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