Google Photos adds a new function to organize your photos

The Google team announced a number of Android features. We already told you that the function Family Bell is coming to Android devices, so these familiar Google Assistant notices can be managed from your mobile.

But it is not the only novelty. And one of the apps that has benefited from this series of updates in Google Photos. Not only is a new widget of people and pets arriving for you to have on your mobile home screen, but also a new function for “Memories” is added.

New dynamic for Google Photos memories

If you use frequently Google photos On Android, you will know that one of the automatic functions of the app presents you with collections of photographs from previous weeks or years, as “Highlight Memories”. And now this function is enhanced with a new dynamic.

As mentioned by the Google team, now the “Memories” section will show you photos of celebrations. Yes, the photographs you took on your birthday, Christmas, graduations, New Years, etc. So now that the Christmas season is approaching, you may see a collection of photographs that you took last year around this time.

Of course, you will have control over the type of photos or memories that will be taken in this section. As with the current dynamic, the user can specify if they want to hide certain dates, people, pets, etc.

So if there are places, dates or people you don’t want to remember, you can use those controls to control the content that Google Photos will show in this section. This new dynamic will be extended to the Google Photos app on Android during this week.

So you can take a look at the app in the next few days or check if you have a pending update from the Google Play Store.

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