Microsoft enters the group of advanced patents of the HEVC video codec

HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Compression) is one of the best video codecs that exist today and from now on it will receive a strong boost thanks to the arrival of Microsoft as licensor and licensee of HEVC Advance Patent Poolas indicated by Access Advance, an independent license manager.

According to him release, as a licensor, all essential Microsoft HEVC / H.265 patents are licensed under the HEVC Advance Patent Pool, and as a licensee, Microsoft will have access to more than 16,500 essential and growing worldwide patents to implement the HEVC / H.265 video codec standard licensed through the HEVC Advance group.

With this operation, the value of the HEVC Advance Pool license is reinforced.

What we do not know is if with this operation, Microsoft will integrate this video codec as standard in its Windows 10 operating system, being available independently as an application in the Microsoft Store, at a cost of 0.99 euros, to be assumed by users in the event that they want to view video content, especially at 4K resolution, in the player. videos.

There is the caveat that users have support for this video codec thanks to another official application that Microsoft makes available to computer manufacturers to integrate them into their computers as standard before putting them on sale, although there is a trick so that users can access this application without having to go through the paid version, although there are also other third-party solutions.

With that said, Peter Moller, CEO of Access Advance notes that:

We are excited to welcome Microsoft, one of the world’s most recognized and respected companies and a leader in innovation, to our HEVC Advance program.

And he adds that:

The fact that Microsoft becomes a licensee, as well as a licensor making its essential H.265 / HEVC patents available for license through the HEVC Advance Patent Pool, further demonstrates the value of our HEVC Advance license. pool

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