This AI can detect deepfakes by analyzing the eyes

Computer scientists at the University at Buffalo have developed an artificial intelligence tool that uses interesting dynamics to detect deepfakes.

This tool has achieved great precision in portrait-style photos by following a single pattern: analyzing the light reflected in the eyes.

As the computer scientists mention in the document They share, this tool analyzes the reflection in the corneas to look for similar patterns in the two eyes. When we take a photo in a short shot, the reflection captured in the eyes is similar since they are focused on the same scene, but in the case of the portraits generated by GAN (Generative Antagonic Networks) there are great discrepancies.

Our method automatically extracts and aligns the specular reflections of the cornea of ​​two eyes and compares their similarity. Our experiments show that there is a clear separation between the distribution of real and GAN-synthesized face similarity scores, which can be used as a quantitative characteristic to differentiate them.

If we take a look at the images that are shared in the document, we will see that the faces generated by GAN fail to create the same pattern of reflections in the two eyes. A shortcoming that may be because you need to combine multiple photos to generate a new face, so the reflection cannot represent the same scene.

A rationale for the existence of such global and semantic artifacts in GAN-synthesized faces is due to their lack of understanding of the anatomy of the human face.

So this artificial intelligence tool concentrates on looking for these inconsistencies in portrait style photos and assigns a score to it. The lower the score, the more likely it is a deepfake.

While this tool was highly effective in portrait photos, it still has some limitations and several challenges to overcome. However, its creators will continue to work on this AI to refine its system and improve its effectiveness taking into account different contexts.

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