This is Team Fordzilla’s P1, Ford’s ultimate virtual racing car

The full-scale prototype of the P1 of the Team Fordzilla, Ford’s virtual racing car created in collaboration with the gamer community, has been presented for the first time in Spain within the framework of “Gamergy”, the esports event and gaming festival that has been held at the IFEMA fairgrounds and, how could it be otherwise, has been the focus of all eyes.

It is not surprising because, in the world of virtual racing or simracing, currently this is the definitive platform. With the collaboration of HP, Ford has equipped the P1 with the latest technology to offer an experience that is as realistic and extreme as possible.

A simulator to another level

The full-scale P1 prototype is unique. Featuring an integrated gaming wheel and pedals, it’s powered by the power of an HP Z4 Workstation, and equipped with the best VR viewing technology on the market today: HP Reverb G2 glasses. Thus, the user who has the feeling that he is competing in a real race.

Also, the simulator incorporates three 4k cameras (which focus on the pedals, steering wheel and player’s face) and thanks to a spectacular 10 × 4 meter display and the power of your HP workstation is capable of streaming the excitement of every race.

One of those responsible for this project worldwide and head of the virtual reality department at HP, Joanna Popper, stated in this regard that “the growing number of competitions in the field of eSports around the world is driving the development of this kind of virtual reality technologies, making them still more immersive and capable of transferring the experience of game users to a new dimension ”.

In fact, currently the company’s strategy around virtual reality is focused on training and gaming environments. Until now, “simracing” was developed as a general rule by means of visualization through several screens, but that did not allow to achieve the same level of immersion that is achieved today by means of virtual reality technology.


Team Fordzilla’s P1 racer also offers auditory stimulation, with a built-in audio system capable of channeling the most realistic and personalized sound for the driver. In addition, it carries iimproved luminance both front and rear (this is synchronized with the braking moments during the game) to connect the spectators with the actions of the player.

Following the success of the P1 project, the Fordzilla team wants to launch a second series, and for this it will seek once again the collaboration between players and Ford designers to create a new “Supervan”. Ford already has experience creating racing-inspired Supervans based on its Transit models, with the first model being created 50 years ago, in 1971.

The new Supervan Vision ConceptYou can imagine what an extreme performance model based on future Transits would look like as it took the Supervan into a new dimension.

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