IPod shuffles back in fashion with this TikTok video

Will iPod shuffle come back in fashion? Apple has not sold its little player without a screen for a long time! A viral video on TikTok puts it back in the spotlight, but not for its musical function.

Products vintage have never been so fashionable, but some need a boost to return to center stage. IPod shuffle could become trendy again thanks to a TikTok video that accumulates millions of views! Apple’s music player takes center stage in this video by Celeste Tice, alias @freckenbats.

Hair clip

The tiktoker ironically asks her viewers if they know the device. ” I found this old iPod », She explains,« I don’t know, it’s something to put in your hair “. A musical sequence follows where Celeste takes several poses with the walkman on her head. ” What an adorable accessory She wrote in the description followed by the hashtags #vintage and #antique.

It hasn’t been that long since the iPod shuffle is no longer sold by Apple, it actually dates back to 2017. A year later, TikTok launched its successful assault on the world. Among Celeste’s amused reactions, one wonders why no one had thought of using the walkman as a hair clip! It is however obvious.


such a cute accessory 🤪 #vintage #antique #oldelectronics #2000score #2000s

♬ Toxic – Britney Spears

In another video, @freckenbats listens to several songs stored on the iPod dating back to when she was using the device. It was in 2011, she was then 9 years old! A “time capsule”, she laughs before realizing that the songs she listened to included lyrics not really suited to the child she was. The future tiktoker then exchanged her shuffle for an iPod touch.

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