Japan already has a screen that diffuses flavors

Japan is always technologically ahead of the rest of the world. But for better or for worse.

To have an ever more immersive experience with their phone is the dream of many. Licking the latter to smell the tastes and flavors of the foods that we have in the image, it is already something that appeals to the general public less. Yet a Japanese professor has just developed the very first screen of this type in the world.

This screen is thus able to have taste according to what we have in front of us. It’s a new step towards creating a multisensory experience. This brand new system, called Taste the TV or “taste the television” in good French, uses a brand new system filled with 10 cans of aromas that spray on the surface of the screen to create the taste of a particular food. .

An idea that does not seem to have anything hygienic, but the teacher has thought of everything. Indeed, the taste sample is not diffused on the screen itself, but on a hygienic film which passes over a flat television screen. According to Homei Miyashita, a professor at Meiji University, this kind of new technology allows people to connect with each other in new ways without being in direct contact.

A tasteful Spotify?

Miyashita has been working on this project for years with a team of around thirty of her students. They have succeeded in producing the different devices to feel the flavors. The professor explained that he had built the prototype of “taste the TV” himself during the last year. According to him, a commercial version of this screen would cost around 100,000 yen, just over $ 1,000.

According to the teacher’s explanations, this screen could have very concrete applications, particularly in cooking or in sommellerie to train students in the subtleties of different flavors. The idea would be to offer a platform, in the same way that Spotify offers everyone to download music, but for taste flavors.

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