LG and Samsung at risk of supplying iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max displays

LG and Samsung are likely to produce screens for the next iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

While the holiday season is on everyone’s mind, analysts and others leakers are always on a war footing to unearth the latest interesting information regarding the tech products that will make the year 2022. About the Apple brand, there is also plenty of information.

According to the Korean news site, TheElec, the next iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max should be entitled to a whole new screen. A rare occurrence with regard to Apple, the Cupertino company would even be on the verge of sharing its orders and not trusting only Samsung, as is usually the case.

LG and Samsung compete

A long-standing supplier to Apple, the Korean giant and competitor has reportedly lost its monopoly on screens for the next generation iPhone Pro and Pro Max. In detail, Apple would have decided to equip its most high-end phones with OLED screens with thin film transistors (TFT) built in polycrystalline oxide at low temperature (LTPO).

Regarding the iPhone 14 Pro Max the order would thus be divided between the two companies of the Asian peninsula, LG and Samsung. The latter of the two should retain the monopoly when it comes to the iPhone 14 Pro. Note that The Elec thinks that the two phones will no longer have a notch, and that instead it will be a perforated screen as the two brands already provide for the competition on Android.

The notch is still relevant at Apple

The notch is now a specificity of Apple, it is here that the Apple brand has decided to hide its easy FaceID recognition sensor. Although the notch has seen its size reduced by 20% between the iPhone 12 and the new generation of iPhone 13, a very first for Apple since the arrival of this new format with the iPhone X, the total disappearance of the notch still seems premature.

Indeed, many analysts and lovers of the Apple brand who think, at least hope, that Apple will withdraw its notch in the coming years. However, the introduction of FaceID under the screen seems to be too complicated an adventure for the moment on the side of Apple Park, the notch which has already been present for 4 years on Apple phones still seems to have a bright future. in front of her.

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