So you can measure your heart and respiratory rate with the camera of your mobile in Google Fit

Not having a late-model smartwatch is not synonymous with not being able to count on quality tools in terms of health monitoring.

With just a mobile, it is more than enough to be able to use a wide range of functions, all this through Google Fit, from where you can measure the heart rate or the respiratory rate just by using the camera.

These types of health tools are not entirely new, since we have come across the measurement of oxygen saturation levels in the blood in Samsung mobile phones before, for example. Currently, these heart rate and respiration functions are only available on Pixel, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones.

It is not a minor detail, but being a relatively new feature, It was logical to think that at first nothing else was going to be available for these Google phones. In addition, it should be noted that the process will be carried out through the Google Fit app, having greater compatibility.

They are expected to be compatible with other Android phones soon, but in the meantime, if you have a Pixel device, you can take advantage and see the following steps to take advantage of this health tool.

How to measure heart rate on a Pixel mobile

– Enter the Google Fit app on your Pixel mobile.
– In the section of Check your heart rate, click on Start.
– Read all the small screens that will start to appear and click on Following.
– Give the app access to enter your smartphone’s camera, whether it is just once or every time you use the application.
– As it says in the last information screen, cover the rear lens of the camera with the tip of a finger and press on Start measurement.
– Keep your hand still during the process, so that when it’s finished, you can play on Save measurement.
– See the final result of how your heart rate is.

To measure respiratory rate a fairly similar process should be done, and these are the steps to do it:

– Open the Google Fit app.
– For this measurement, look for the window of Monitor your respiratory rate.
– Press on Start and read all the informative screens that will be shown to you.
– As it is in the instructions, you will have to support the mobile with a stable surface.
– Point the camera at your face and make sure the face is within the set frame, while you breathe normally.
– When the process is finished click on Save measurement.
– Look at the final graph where it says how many are your breaths per minute and how much you are inhaling and exhaling.

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