This curious Audi charging center is a first-class saloon and has the capacity to charge up to 80 electric cars every day.

As a general rule charging stations for electric vehicles They are not very interesting, since most of them are reduced to a handful of chargers located at the back of a parking lot or a gas station. Audi has wanted to change that concept and has just finished its new and elegant first project of a recharging center for electric vehicles that it has called ‘Audi charge hub’.

With a philosophy very similar to that of waiting rooms for VIP clients at any airport, this curious project is for the moment one of its kind. It is located in Nuremberg (Germany) and has six fast charging stations with powers of up to 320 kW, in addition to a large number of entertainment services for customers.

Prices similar to those of domestic recharge for customers

Cargo Center Salon 3

In this experimental center, instead of having to wait in a desolate parking lot or wandering around a shopping center at best, owners of the brand’s electric vehicles can enjoy a different experience when they have to stop to recharge their cars between 10 am and 7 pm.

The rest of the time, it will be open for the use and enjoyment of electric car drivers of any other brand.

Chargers in the charging station can be reserved via the myAudi App in two simple steps and upon arrival, customers only have to worry about relaxing and enjoying themselves until their vehicle is recharged. As an experimental project, Audi wants to use it “to collect information on a high-quality, flexible, fast-charging infrastructure in urban space”, as stated by the project manager, Ralph Hollmig.

The ‘Audi charging hub’ uses used and processed lithium-ion batteries as energy storage sources in order not to depend on high-voltage power lines or powerful transformers that would raise costs. These batteries, at the moment, are capable of storing almost 2.45 MWh.

Cargo Center Salon 2

Thus, according to the manufacturer, the charging station you only need a 200 kW connection to the available low voltage network that are complemented by the up to 30 kW provided by the solar panels placed on the roof of the center. In this way, six electric cars with up to 320 kW of power can be charged simultaneously, and in total, about 80 vehicles every day without exceeding the power limits of the charging center.

The lounge that is located on the top floor of the Audi charging hub ‘has an area of ​​approximately 200 square meters and features an open design and numerous areas to sit, enjoy coffee, or work while the vehicle is charging.

Load Center

The center also has a patio of about 40 square meters to hang out and gadgets for entertainment such as a huge 98-inch screen which can be used, for example, to display information about the vehicle’s load, details about the load center or even access an Audi configurator. As if this were not enough to keep you busy, the ‘Audi charging hub’ also has a minibar and offers its visitors a food delivery service on request.

In addition, it has an exchange station for electric bicycle batteries, an electric scooter loan service and supervised driving tests in the Q4 e-tron and the RS e-tron GT.

Leaving aside all the possibilities it offers, the recharging center is built with “flexible container cubes” that allow these types of stations to be assembled and disassembled anywhere in a matter of days.

According to the German manufacturer, the ‘Audi charging hub’ has been designed especially for people who cannot charge their electric car at home, “either because they live in an apartment and not an individual house or simply because they do not have access to a port. loading ”.

As Ralph Hollmig noted, “We want to reach customers who don’t necessarily wake up in the morning with their electric car fully charged, and at the same time we are looking at increasing demand for charging points in the future.” Speaking of charging, visitors with an e-tron service contract with the brand can recharge their cars for 31 cents per kilowatt hour.

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