Apple Airpods are differently loud: this is how you solve the problem


Your Apple AirPods are differently loud? This can have several causes. We’ll tell you which solutions you can try.

Apple Airpods are differently loud: this is how you solve the problem

Some users have the problem that their Apple AirPods are differently loud. This can have various reasons, possible causes are:

  • pollution
  • a bug in the settings
  • Software problems
  • a hardware failure

We’ll tell you what you can do about it.

If after the Cleaning the headphones If the volume is still different, you may be able to fix the problem by unpairing and resetting the AirPods.

If this doesn’t help, a look at the settings may help. Here you will find the option to adjust the balance for headphones and so you can sometimes compensate for differences manually.

If the problem persists after following these steps, you can try to install the latest firmware for the AirPods. In the linked instructions we tell you how to do a Performs a software update on the AirPods.

If the error persists after updating, resets the AirPods to the factory settings. If that doesn’t help either, there is very likely a hardware problem.

Are the AirPods generally too quiet for you? Then we’ll tell you how to do it Increase the volume of the AirPods can, we also explain how you can AirPods Pro transparency mode adjust to better hear your surroundings.

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