Chinese influencer loses 120 million followers to tax evasion

Social networks are currently one of the most effective platforms to show your talent and gain popularity, whether dancing, recreating situations in a comic context or through tutorials.

This causes that over time you accumulate a certain number of followers that validate your content, of course, as long as it is good enough.

However, when it comes to social networks, you should never take anything for granted, since from one moment to another all those followers that you obtained can disappear in one fell swoop, thereby losing all the effort invested.

This is what happened to Huang Wei, better known as Viya, a influence from China who had managed to gather a number of 120 million followers in the different local social networks of this country where he had created an account.

However, it was discovered that the influencer had committed the crime of tax evasion during the years 2019 and 2020, which caused the blocking of all his social networks, thereby losing all his followers.

And it is that, when we enter the trajectory of Viya, everything that this influencer achieved in such a short time is impressive. In 2020 it concentrated a number of 37 million viewers during streaming.

On another occasion it generated a quantity of $ 365 million for sales in a single day. This feat would lead Viya to later become Alibaba ambassador, even going so far as to have fees that could reach the 30 thousand euros by a live video.

However, once the $ 110 million tax evasion crime comes to light, Viya automatically went from glory to hell losing all privileges gained.

Thus, now she has been fined 1.34 billion yuan, equivalent to about 210 million dollars corresponding to the payment of the fees and penalties derived from this crime.

When talking about the fortune generated by Viya during his career as an influencer, it is estimated that this is about 1.4 billion dollars.

Regarding this fact, Viya herself expressed through one of her social media accounts prior to her blocking the following:

«I deeply regret my violations of tax laws and regulations […] I fully accept the punishment imposed by the tax authorities».

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