Cool! The ultimate toy is an unreleased ‘Toyota GR iQ’ powered by Kasawaki Ninja

The Toyota GR Yaris has been one of the Most Wanted Cars of 2021. Its dynamic behavior, its authenticity homologation special And the simple fact that it exists in an increasingly electrified and increasingly anti-car world is already commendable.

The car is already an icon, especially when it serves as an inspiration for other models. We are not talking about the future here Toyota Corolla GR (an open secret, but we do not know if he will come to Europe or not), but this Toyota iQ that seems to have swallowed a whole Toyota GR Yaris.

The first thing that catches the attention of the former Japanese rival to the Smart Fortwo (it measures less than 3 meters) and that disappeared in 2014 after a disappointing commercial career despite its qualities, is its appearance.

Looks like a mash-up visual of the iQ and GR Yaris. In addition to the great Work tires Flush to the millimeter with the fins, a spoiler and a rear diffuser, this vitaminized iQ shows off the entire front and rear GR Yaris.

However, the similarity between the two models ends there. The “Yaris Jr“, as the students of Saitama Automobile College that have made this transformation as a class project, it does not have the all-wheel drive or the 3-cylinder turbo engine of its older brother, which produces 272 hp in Japan instead of 261 hp, as in Europe. This does not mean that your data sheet is less interesting. In fact, what is that coming out of the left rear window? Nothing, an escape.

Hello Kawasaki ZX-14R

YARIS Jr with Kawasaki ZX-14R engine

The small rear seats of the Toyota iQ (in which only one person could ride and sitting sideways) have been replaced by a 4 cylinder 1.4 liters from one of the most beastly motorcycles on the market, the Kawasaki ZX-14R.

YARIS Jr interior

This has been revealed by one of the mechanics involved in the project on his Twitter, without giving further details. Still, there are details like the blatantly widened rear track, the Bride bucket seats, and the sequential change with a fixed key as a knob

If the Kawasaki engine has remained standard, we would be talking about a power of 200 CV a 13.500 rpm for a weight that would be around 900 kg. Not bad at all, considering that the most equipped version of the iQ weighed 1,005 kg and was equipped with a 98 hp engine.

Here, in addition to a nice power-to-weight ratio of only 4.5 kg / hp (similar to that of a whole Lotus Elise 111R and better than that of some Caterhams), it is a car with a wheelbase of only 2 meters, rear wheel drive and with engine in rear central position. Is that the definition of a toy? Yes, it is the definition of a real toy.

Toyota YARIS Jr Yaris GR

The car should make its debut next January at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the Japanese and craziest version of the SEMA Show, in which the students of this school specialized in the automobile will exhibit their creation.

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