Deezer subscribers struggle to digest the price hike

Deezer subscribers will experience a widespread price hike in January, the streaming service announced, which however adds High Fidelity audio at no additional cost. Not enough to calm the anger of some users.

In recent days, Deezer has warned all its customers that they will be entitled to High Fidelity (lossless) sound. This is excellent news, given that Hi-Fi audio has so far only been available in a specific, more expensive package. But now, the streaming platform is also taking the opportunity to increase the prices of its subscriptions!

€ 3 more for the family subscription

In detail, the Deezer Premium package goes from € 9.99 to € 10.99, while the family subscription comes down to € 17.99 instead of € 14.99. Increases of 1 to 3 € applicable from January 18, and which go badly with several subscribers. In his message, Deezer indeed announced the tariff increase in a way that some did not digest.

Deezer finds it all the more difficult to pass the pill as lossless audio is offered without a price increase from several competitors, including Apple Music and Amazon Music. On France Info, Louis-Alexis from Gemini defended the price increase: Deezer’s marketing manager explained that “ to grow we need to earn some more money ».

The rise in prices will benefit 70% of artists, authors and composer-performers, he also argues. The platform, which has just over 4 million subscribers in France, has paid 200 million euros to the music industry. This is the biggest contribution in the streaming industry.

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