How to turn motion detection on or off on an Echo device

The fourth generation Echo and Echo Dot devices currently have a new feature that uses ultrasonic sounds to detect if there is someone in the room or not.

Interestingly, this motion detection can help anyone, allowing let the lights go on or off when someone leaves or enters a room, for example.

As indicated by Amazon, an Echo device can receive the signal that someone is in the room in different ways, either by being in view of the device’s camera, speaking to them directly, or even when entering the room. through ultrasonic sound.

And if we focus on this last section, you should know that these Echo and Echo Dot can be easily configured to enable or disable motion detection. This turns out to be quite simple and below you will see the steps to do it.

– First of all, open the Alexa application on your mobile.
– In the bottom bar of the app, click on Devices.
– On the first row shown, click Echo and Alexa.
– Select that Echo device you want to enable or disable motion for.
– Once you are inside the device, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to access the Setting.
– Scroll down until you find the tab that indicates Motion detection and enter.
– Finally, activate or deactivate according to what you need that first lever of Motion detection.

With these steps you will be able to configure the motion detection as you need it, without a screen and without a camera. And in addition to this, in the last window you are in, you can also configure the so-called Occupation routines, which can help you automate smart devices in your home in a much more controlled and orderly way.

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