2021 has been a good year for DuckDuckGo

More and more people are looking for a privacy-focused alternative to the usual options offered by the main technology companies. Thanks to this situation, the search engine of DuckDuckGo can get chest when getting a 46.4% growth in 2021.

Suffice it to say that in 2020, DuckDuckGo achieved a total of 23.6 billion search queries, increasing this year to a total of 34.6 billion search queries at the moment, to which will be added the searches carried out these remaining days until 2022.

Still, yesu current market share is still far behind, at 2.53%, with respect to other solutions such as Bing (6.43%) or Yahoo (3.3%), lagging behind the almighty Google, which continues to be the dominant option, with an overwhelming 87.33% share in the United States.

Symptom of increased interest in privacy on the Internet

As we know, DuckDuckGo It has a search engine focused on privacy, which does not track user search activity, showing advertising simply related to search terms, without it being linked to any user profile according to their habits.

This 2021 will also be remembered for the new tools that DuckDuckGo has been introducing in favor of users’ Internet privacy, such as its new email protection system, which cleanses messages from trackers before they are sent to users, in addition to the development of your new web browser focused on privacy for desktop users, although for them, it is not a privacy browser but a daily browsing application that respects their privacy.

Following the trend, DuckDuckGo could garner a sizable user share over time that could threaten some of the tech giants with its privacy-focused option.

With this boom in initiatives, it is to be expected that 2022 will bring us more and better options so that users can be more insurance on our computers and devices, allowing us an experience of using the Internet as private as possible, giving us back control over our data.

Via: BleepingComputer

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