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A Land Rover Discovery Sport discovers the ‘magic’ of the center of gravity when colliding with a Toyota GR Yaris

It is not the first time we have seen the gravity center work its ‘magic’, more since the SUV They are a trend (and also established for years).

Recently, the driver of a Land Rover Discovery Sport has discovered that driving a vehicle 1,727 mm high, 1,904 mm wide and weighing almost two tons is not all advantages, especially in a roundabout and when you come across a Toyota GR Yaris.

The video, coming from a traffic camera in the southeast of Birmingham, England, was uploaded by a Twitter user quite angry with the behavior of the owner of the SUV.

In it we can see how the Land Rover enters a roundabout (apparently problematic), begins to circulate in the center lane and decides to make the maneuver -not calculated- to overtake that causes the vehicle to lean too much, and that will put it upside down in seconds.

The Discovery Sport’s off-road DNA and its high center of gravity thus clash with the rear of the little GR Yaris (which appears to be unfazed), and lose.

While SUVs have a higher center of gravity, they don’t have to be more prone to rollover than other bodies.

Stability control takes into account the car’s higher center of gravity, but in this case, the low speed and gentle impact with the Yaris cause the large SUV’s center of gravity to shift to the left.

And the rest is history.

Photo | James Goes Cycling

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