A smart ring to treat chronic diseases

Movano has just developed a brand new smart ring. The latter should be able to measure everything (or almost).

The Oura ring had already stood out in the world of e-health during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. It had indeed been considered to be used by NBA players when returning to competition. But now the Finnish brand has found itself a major competitor. Indeed, the Movano brand is taking advantage of CES in this new year 2022 to launch a connected ring that aims to monitor people with chronic diseases.

A powerful connected ring?

The Movano ring should be able to measure all basic information like heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), sleep, breathing, temperature, but also more specific information like oxygen levels in the body. blood, steps and calories burned.

But the great novelty announced by Movano will be in the analysis of these data. No more day-to-day comparative tables, or incomprehensible graphs. Indeed, Movano wants to offer its customers a more proactive approach to mitigate the risks of chronic disease.

In order to achieve this, the firm relies on a combination of factors. An elevated heart rate should not be read in the same way during physical activity as during a sleep phase. We must therefore succeed in understanding the patient as much as possible, by linking all the data to each other.

Movano: finally nothing new?

The idea of ​​Movano is not new in this sense. Indeed, its main competitor in the world of connected rings, the Finnish Oura, has done the same. But we could also speak of Fitbit, which has just been acquired by Google. The latter also offers to give notes to contextualize the data acquired during the day.

According to the first information that has been shared, in particular on the site The Verge Movano’s application is nothing out of the ordinary, but the American news site assures us that “the way the data is presented is more digestible”.

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