How to resell the Christmas gifts you don’t want?

If Santa Claus has fallen by the wayside this year, you will definitely want to resell your gifts. Here’s a quick guide to getting rid of unsuitable presents.

This year again, Santa Claus was generous, but he was not always right. If you adore your aunt, the same is not true of the ugly sweater she gave you. Rather than hiding it in your closet, you can give it a second life by selling it online. In 2021, according to Rakuten, 55 % of French people admit having already resold or considering reselling their Christmas presents. If the practice is sometimes criticized, it allows above all to achieve good business. Here are some tips and addresses to easily resell the gifts you don’t want to keep.

Take good photos

Who says online sales, says photo worthy of the name. To highlight this magnificent sweater, which will certainly delight a surfer, it will have to be photographed from every angle. Do not hesitate to publish photos worn for clothes and detailed photos for products high-tech. You can also photograph the invoice to reassure potential buyers.

Keep the packaging

If possible, do not hesitate to keep the product packaging. For a phone for example, do not open the blister if you know the product is not right for you and want to resell it. For clothes, it will be necessary to keep the labels in order to hope to get a good price.

Sell ​​at the right price

If you have not purchased this item, you should inquire about its purchase value. Do not hesitate, when possible, to check the resale prices, comparing with other advertisements. You could for example offer a reduction, to find a buyer more quickly.

Find the right site

To reach a buyer more quickly, you will need to choose your platform carefully. The good corner, eBay, Rakuten and Momox are in our opinion the four most practical platforms for quickly reselling an item that we gave you at Christmas. But it may be worth it to also take a look at some specialized platforms (ex Vinted for the clothes). Do not hesitate to be honest about the reason for the sale and to give as much detail as possible about the product.

Give or barter

If you are more in a generous mood, you can also head to barter or donation sites. Where Mytroc offers this kind of service. This is also the case with

You now have all the keys in hand to resell your Christmas gifts serenely. To avoid unpleasant surprises next year, you can always rely on the traditional Santa Claus list or opt for version 2.0. The i-wantit application allows, for example, to create a list that can be shared with everyone and that avoids duplicates. When someone has chosen to offer you this gift, the reserved notice will appear to alert other users.

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