The first crypto to travel to space was not sent by Elon Musk

The first cryptocurrency to travel to space has not left Elon Musk’s virtual wallet! This is the DogeBonk, a crypto-gag that his community sent above the clouds.

Does the DogeBonk (DOBO) have a bright future? In any case, a big buzz throws the spotlight on this memecoin. This crypto-gag is indeed the first of its kind to fly into space, before the Dogecoin thatElon Musk wants to travel in a satellite. The boss of Tesla, a big fan of cryptos, wants to finance the satellite and its launch entirely in Dogecoin.

Elon Musk got toast priority

But now, the Dogecoin was toast the priority on December 15 by the DogeBonk, which flew in a stratospheric weather balloon paid in part by the community around this brand new cryptocurrency. The balloon capsule contained a Ledger key carrying a DogeBonk, as well as a design depicting the memecoin banging a Dogecoin, with a grimacing Elon Musk in the back.

The drawing was filmed in space thanks to a camera which was on the trip. Everything was shared on Twitter with the hashtag #SorryElon, which was very successful on the social network. The transaction has generated a lot of interest, so much so that DOBO has appeared in the top trends of CoinGecko in recent days.

The DogeBonk is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. The memecoin have the wind in their sails. Like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, two cryptos supported by Elon Musk who multiplies the winks, thus increasing their price. We don’t yet know if he got wind of the DogeBonk coup.

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