The Subaru STi E-RA promises us a true sports car in the age of the electric car

Subaru wants to electrify its range of vehicles in the coming years and as proof of this, it will present at the Tokyo Auto Salon the STI E-RA Concept. It is a concept car that will give us an idea of ​​what a high-performance STI could look like and electric.

Subaru will present its vision of what a performance model could be, designed specifically for it. So far, no manufacturer has dared to launch a sports and electric model from the original Tesla Roadster.

We are not talking here about supercars, like the Rimac Fridge, but cars from large manufacturers capable of reaching large manufacturing volumes. Only CUPRA has made a first and timid attempt with the Born, but at the wheel the car it didn’t turn out to be sporty, because it moves like a Volkswagen ID.3, model that takes as a basis.

Who will be the first to introduce the electric models from your high-performance division? Hyundai with its N models, Volkswagen with a hypothetical ID.R? Or will it be the BMW i4 M50? If anything, Subaru seems to be taking a step in that direction.

An electric STI for the United States and Japan?

Subaru booth at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022

This will be the Subaru booth at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, where the STI E-RA will be presented.

We know that the Japanese manufacturer will soon officially enter the electric vehicle market with the launch of the Subaru Solterra, an SUV that shares platform and technologies with the Toyota bZ4x, its cousin, which will also become Toyota’s first mass-produced electric.

But the Solterra is still an SUV. Subaru’s brand image remains for many that of sporty models. Although the brand has withdrawn from competition more than a decade ago, except in the United States and Japan, its two main markets. Thus, the presence of a concept car with the STi and electric seal is a message to customers looking for sensations, there will continue to be products for you.

The STI E-RA Concept is described by the brand as a “study model of competition vehicles for the era of carbon neutrality“. Will it be left alone in a concept car? Will it be a racing car? At the moment, Subaru is not letting go. And anyway, the chances of seeing it in Europe would be slim, since Subaru prioritizes North America (it has a factory in the United States ) and Japan.

However, as the teaser suggests, the model will introduce new design elements that could be used in future Subaru models, such as the C-shaped LED headlights mounted on the fins, the hood with two air extractors, the red illuminated STI badge and the front bumper with a prominent splitter. Subaru has not given us details on the powertrain, other than that it will be fully electric.

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