wants to say goodbye to China and the US

The European Processors Initiative (EPI, por European Processor Initiative) has completed the first phase of your project. A) Yes, Europe is a little closer to having his own chips designed and manufactured in Europe. The ultimate goal is to free itself from the current dependence on Asia, for the manufacture of the chips, and the United States, for its design.

After this first phase, the project already has the specifications of its first general-purpose processor ready, has tested a RISC-V accelerator (considered the Linux of chips) and has demonstrated the viability of its own platform Automotive Stream (understood as hardware and software architecture) for the autonomous driving.

Coordinated by Infineon, a leader in automotive microcontrollers, the Automotive Stream has paved the way to self-driving cars capable of driving on the road, thanks to the proof of concept of an innovative high performance integrated computing platformor (eHPC) and associated software development kit (SDK).

This platform, in combination with a reduced general-purpose processor adapted to the vehicle, satisfies the growing demand for computing power in the cars of the future in a cost-effective, economically viable and functionally safe way, according to EPI.

“Overall, the achievements are a testament to the collaboration, synergies and team spirit that have characterized research work in the automotive stream,” said project manager Knut Hufeld (Infineon).

Enables at least level 4 autonomous driving

BMW X5 autonomous driving EPI

Numerous test drives were conducted to collect data and evaluate test scenarios with autonomous driving parameters using a BMW X5 as a laboratory.

Among other features, the EPI platform includes “integrated cameras with support for Artificial intelligence and Elektrobit radar image analysis software, with integrated preparation for the use of EPI processors in the system ”.

Specifically, for now, the tests would now allow autonomous driving “up to, at least, level 4,” they explain from EPI. At autonomous driving level 4, the car drives alone most of the time, thus paving the way to the future of level 5 autonomous driving, that is, without the slightest human intervention.

Presented the results to the European Union, the next step is the manufacture of these chips, which is planned for 2023.

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