Wikifox, an alternative interface for Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the reference portal par excellence on the web today. To date, only its edition in Spanish exceeds one million articles.

In itself, the web version of this encyclopedia delivers what it promises. However, those who want to give their searches a new look on this platform, can do so on another portal that offers a more minimalist interface.

A minimalist interface for Wikipedia

Wikifox is a simple portal that serves as an external reader for Wikipedia articles. Its interface is really simple, betting totally on minimalism.

Upon entering, the main page displays a search engine that presents an excerpt of the main articles that appear as results as you type.

It has a light and a dark theme, to facilitate reading according to the conditions of the moment. In addition, this site has some small features that enrich the experience, such as the ability to save articles as bookmarks, download articles as PDFs, and share quotes extracted directly from an article, among other functions.

Unlike the traditional Wikipedia interface, Wikifox minimizes distracting visual artifacts. The space on the screen is better used by assigning a wider column to the body of the text. In addition, a slightly larger font is presented by default.

As a backup, a link is attached to each article to read its original version on Wikipedia and another to edit it directly on its platform of origin.

For reading long articles, Wikifox offers the possibility of consulting the table of contents from a floating window, facilitating navigation without leaving the last section of the note in question.

The information that can be reviewed from here is exactly the same available in the original Wikipedia, since the source of the information is the same. In the case of Wikifox, this data is obtained through the Wikipedia API.

Although the interface is only in English, this is not an obstacle to use, even if the language is not mastered, since Wikifox allows you to choose which edition of Wikipedia you want to use as a source for searches, including its version in Spanish.

This “Wikipedia reader” was developed by Harry Tom, a 14-year-old developer. You can access this portal from

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