WireMin, an interesting decentralized and secure messaging option

Within the wide range of secure messaging options that currently exist, we now find WireMin, an interesting proposal for those of us who care more about privacy on the Internet.

WireMin stands out for being a completely secure and private messaging service, end-to-end encryption for both desktop applications and mobile applications, with fully decentralized architecture instead of relying on centralized servers, and it doesn’t even ask for a phone number when creating your own user account.

It is also interesting to note that it is a service without censorship or surveillance, completely free and without ad trackers or embedded advertising. These are the ingredients that WireMin offers, which has been growing throughout the current year 2021, and the most recent thing that it has incorporated into its service is the possibility of creating secret groups and sending files quickly and without limits of size.

As indicated in its section of frequent questions:

WireMin is an instant messaging application based on a fully decentralized computing architecture. It provides a superior secure messaging experience by not only concealing the content of your message through end-to-end encryption, but also eliminating the possibility of censorship, surveillance, or data collection. Like Bitcoin, WireMin is a peer-to-peer network established by interconnected users with the same rights

As we indicated, it is available both as a desktop application, including Windows, Linux and macOS, as well as an application for devices mobiles, in reference to Android and iOS.

Regarding options such as Signal or Telegram:

WireMin differs from Signal, Telegram, and other cloud-based messengers by its decentralized nature, offering a new level of privacy and security.

And regarding the cost of the service:

Yes, WireMin is free and will remain free. Unlike cloud-based messengers, WireMin does not depend on anywhere to continuously operate the network. Like the Bitcoin network, even after the disappearance of the creator, the network is alive all the time as long as there are a reasonable number of active users.

And regarding functions, it has the basic functions that you would expect from any courier service. Perhaps the most important thing to highlight is its simplicity of use for the average user compared to other decentralized messaging options.

Obviously, it is also another alternative to such popular services as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, among others.

Link: WireMin

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