Aid for companies to promote green hydrogen vehicles, a call endowed with up to 250 million euros

Promoting green hydrogen is one of the keys to reducing CO₂ emissions and making the transition to green energy. For this reason, the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge grants aid for promote the development and use of this element as a source of clean energy.

It is a call endowed with 250 million euros for him boosting the renewable hydrogen value chain, from component manufacturing, to prototypes of new green hydrogen vehicles or electrolyzer projects to produce renewable hydrogen on a large scale.

Up to four types of calls to help promote green hydrogen in Spain

Hydrogen van

These calls are endowed with an expandable 500 million euros, destined to promote renewable hydrogen, energy storage and energy communities. and half of the amount will be destined to boost both the vehicles like electrolyzers to produce green hydrogen.

Any type of company can apply for this financing, be it SMEs, medium or large, as well as consortia or business groups of individuals or legal entities, public or private, with or without their own legal personality.

The institutional public sector of any public administration and state-level technology centers, as well as state-level technological innovation support centers, may also benefit from this.

Four incentive programs are contemplated, focused on the development of technology and capabilities throughout the renewable hydrogen value chain, for which only projects that fit these four scenarios will be chosen:

  1. Capabilities, Technological Advances in test and / or manufacturing lines.
  2. Design, demonstration and validation of hydrogen-powered mobility.
  3. Large Electrolysis Demonstrators-Innovative Renewable Hydrogen Production Projects
  4. Challenges of basic-fundamental research, innovative pilots and training in key enabling technologies within the value chain.

The provisions of this order will be applicable to the aid that is summoned from the entry into force of the same and until December 31, 2025.

hydrogen car

Along with this call, and to distribute the aid budget of 500 million euros, three more models have been announced to encourage the use of green hydrogen in Spain, as a first line of aid from PERTE ERHA for innovative energy storage projects.

Support from PERTE ERHA is also contemplated for pioneering projects and singular renewable hydrogen and aid for pilot projects of energy communities.

Through the deployment of these aid mechanisms, progress is being made in achieving the objectives of the Hydrogen Roadmap, a strategic document to promote renewable hydrogen.

Among the objectives at the national level, the aspiration is to achieve an electrolysis power of 300 MW to 600 MW in 2024 and 4 GW in 2030, 10% of the community objective.

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