An app to keep a voice diary with short recordings

If you want to start the year by recording all the important moments, but you don’t see yourself keeping a written diary, you can try the dynamics that this application proposes.

This application offers you the basic functions so that you can keep a voice diary and record your emotions without having to write.

A free app to keep a voice diary

Whisper: Voice Diary is a simple application that allows you to make daily recordings. Yes, a voice diary.

Although there are many tools that will make it easier for us to carry out recordings With the mobile, the dynamics of this app simplifies the process. And in addition, it organizes the recordings by date as if it were a personal diary.

To start using it, you will only have to create an account with your email address or your Google account. Then, just click on “+”, which you will find in the top menu, to start with the first entry in the diary. You will see that you can specify an emotion, write a title for your day and record an audio of 10 minutes maximum.

The recording will be marked on the corresponding day, so when time passes you can check it at any time. And as you can see in the image, the calendar also shows the emotions that you have marked each day. So with a simple glance you can have an overview of how you have felt in the last time.

And then you will have a statistics section that will show you how many voice inputs you have recorded in the month or year, along with your moods. One detail to keep in mind is that all recordings are only stored on the device. If you want the voice inputs to be synchronized with the app’s server, you will have to look for the option to pay for this function.

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